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Federal Fulfillment provides wine sourcing, warehousing, and shipping to consumers for clients worldwide. We provide overall reduced costs and world class customer service to our clients which include Wine Marketers, Wine Clubs and Wine Importers. Since 1994 we have developed a streamlined wine shipping operation to provide the best of quality control with speedy delivery of all our wine shipments.

With our central location in the US, the Chicago area is an ideal hub for wine shipping and logistics. We have close relationships with wholesalers and retailers of fine wine to offer you turn key full service wine fulfillment. We are also a fulfillment partner of ShipCompliant.com which at your option can integrate with our fulfillment management system, allowing orders in ShipCompliant to be passed directly into the Federal Fulfillment system for shipping.

With our over 21 years of experience, we can offer you wine fulfillment that's worry-free, with affordable low rates and exceptional quality. Contact us today for pricing.

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