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Pick, Pack and Ship

Pick Pack and Ship
Orders are picked, packed, and verified before shipment for an excellent accuracy rate. Find out more with our Parcel Shipping, Product Shipping and Outsource. We also have Outsource Shipping and if you are interested in Drop Shipping is also available. With a direct extension of the manufacturer in providing remote warehousing, inventory storage, put-away, picking, packing and next day shipping of forward moving products. Shipping in this business is key.

Integration Expertise
Federal Fulfillment provides a wide variety of distribution options to maximize your Cost savings and deliver your products quickly and accurately to your customers. We offer Mail Order Shipping, Mail Order Fulfillment and have fulfillment centers all around the country.

We have fulfillment centers in the Chicago Area . We are leaders in the Midwest as well. There is more information on our Fulfillment Center and our Fulfillment House.

Here is information on Pick, Pack and Ship and on our Fulfillment Services with the Order Fulfillment.

Our commitment to quality and our 8 year history of providing unmatched service to our clients has helped us become one of the Midwest's leading fulfillment companies. We offer outstanding shipping rates, and our package volume allows us to offer commercial-carrier Express Service discounts that are among the most competitive in the industry.

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