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Your products need to move quickly and efficiently to meet the busy demands of the world. From a strategic standpoint, our distribution is in an excellent location for distributing your products in a timely, cost effective manner. Use our Logistics and Packing and notice that the details of our operation are smooth and managed in a way to make your shipping and receiving needs be met first.

We have many Distribution Centers and have been the leading service provider since 1994 in the Midwest. See our Distribution Center to learn more about distribution. With our central location in the US, the Chicagoland area is a major hub of shipping and logistics for the entire country. If you would like to learn more on distribution please feel free as always to call us at 815.578.4300 or email at info@federalfulfillment.com.

Federal Fulfillment is a direct extension with providing order fulfillment, pick/pack/ship, inventory warehousing, logistics management, discounted express shipments, returns processing, detailed shipment reports and custom package and assembly. Federal Fulfillment Solutions are designed for customer retention, increased sales and optimization of the lifetime value of your customers.

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