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Fulfillment Services - Distribution Center

We take real pride our distribution centers and so should you. They are organized, clean, and most importantly get things to the place you want them at the time you want them. With our central location in the US, the Chicagoland area is a major hub of shipping and logistics for the entire country. We are number one in the Midwest and are one of the top of the line fulfillment centers around the country.

Our management teams who are focused and equipped for the Packing and Logistics for a effective Distribution Center. Let us save you time and money by out sourcing all your fulfillment needs to Federal Fulfillment. We can customize a shipping program that is best-suited to your business.

The transition from providing products one at a time directly to an individual consumer to distributing tens of thousands of products to retailers must be carefully managed. Fulfillment Services - Distribution offers customers a demonstrated insight into the complex nature of inventory storage, put-away, picking, packing and next day shipping of forward moving products.

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